Success Stories

We have A Proven Track Record of helping many organizations, including:

  • An equipment sales & service business whose books consisted entirely of manually prepared sales invoices, bank reconciliations, and receivables log books. We set them up on QuickBooks and customized it to generate profit and loss statements by division, and sales by sales rep. In the process, we uncovered hundreds of dollars in old receivables upon which they were able to collect.
  • A labor union. We set up QuickBooks and customized it to generate profit and loss statements by program service, fundraising, and management. We also customized it to track member-related activities, such as contributions to their political action committee. The organization is now able to accuratelydetermine the true costs and relative profitability of each program service and fundraiser and to comply with tax regulations regarding reporting of political activities.
  • A cyber lounge / coffee shop. We set up QuickBooks point-of-sale and accounting system with round-the-clock remote access. This allowed the owners to remotely track business revenue, expenses and Key Performance Indicators, enabling them to retain their outside jobs while building the business.
  • A labor union with a growing fundraiser unrelated to its tax-exempt function, that was threatening the union’s tax-exempt status. We spun off the fundraiser, modifying its structure and purpose, qualifying it under IRS section 501(c)(3). We setup the new entity and customized QuickBooks to allow it to generate financial statements by functional area. This in turn provided the information needed to prepare its nonprofit tax returns.
  • A theater group. We set up QuickBooks and customized it to generate profit and loss statements by functional area. We also tracked the group’s special events, as well as special programs funded and championed by its grantor foundation. The organization is now able to generate financial statements and tax returns in compliance with government regulations. Also, it can now meet the special reporting requirements of its grantor agency.
  • A health care training center with a Federally regulated monitoring function. We set up and customized QuickBooks to report on educational activities, volunteer labor, and donor funding. This permitted full transparency of the organization’s financial operations.
  • An insurance company under tax audit, whose financials had not been reconciled to their tax returns in years. We cleaned up their books, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in initially proposed taxes and penalties.
  • A non-profit organization whose records were not segregated by program services as mandated by law. We customized QuickBooks, allowing them to better manage their operations and permitting access to foundation funding.

    A distribution service that was not tracking income and expense by service. They, therefore, could not analyze their pricing model or determine their profitability. We cleaned up their books, capturing thousands of dollars in old unbilled charges and allowing them to improve their pricing structure.

  • A catering company. We set them up on QuickBooks and customized it to track sales by customer type and marketing costs by sales channel. We trained their staff person in bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax and cash flow management. In addition, we helped the owners set up a system for tracking food costs and other Key Performance Indicators.
  • A family day care provider. We set them up on QuickBooks and customized it for their business, allowing them to track revenue from services, special events, and governmental subsidies. They were also now able to generate information useful to support tax deductions and tax forms (e.g. Form 8829 “Expenses for Business Use of Your Home”). We created procedures to capture and record fully- and partially-deductible business expenses, including automobile and household expenses, resulting in hundreds of dollars in tax savings that might otherwise have slipped through the cracks.4
  • A beauty salon that provided a range of services, sold hair products, and produced their own line of designer clothing. We set up a QuickBooks general ledger and point of sale system to track revenue and expenses by services, product lines, station rentals, and by individual stylists, including supplies used by each stylist and commissions paid to employees. The owner was thus able to draw upon detailed profitability reports to identify slow moving inventory items, to set and change prices as needed, and to create employee incentive bonuses.
  • A professional association that had received a grant which stipulated both temporary and permanent spending restrictions. We customized QuickBooks so they could monitor spending and maintain compliance with the grant terms.
  • A service organization with several program services. We customized QuickBooks to allow them to prepare financial statements by functional area, such as program services, fundraising, and management. They could now issue financial statements that were in compliance with accounting regulations (e.g. FAS 116 & 117). This permitted them to have access to foundation funding.
  • A membership organization with quarterly dues and annual assessments. We set up QuickBooks Non-Profit Edition and customized it to track dues and assessments. They were then able to maintain accurate contemporaneous collection records. In addition, we were able to spot and collect hundreds of dollars in delinquent dues and assessments.
  • An entertainment systems provider on filing extension, who needed to clean up their QuickBooks accounting system before their tax professional would file their return. We cleaned up their books at the transaction level and prepared work papers supporting the financial statements, to their tax professional’s satisfaction. In the process, we also implemented improved accounting procedures and trained the bookkeeper in several areas of QuickBooks. We also corrected the company’s sales tax reporting, saving them hundreds of dollars in tax overpayments.
  • A flooring sales & service company. We set up QuickBooks to track profit and loss by job, by department, and by product category. This allowed them to better manage pricing and to close out slow moving items, saving them thousands of dollars. And by tracking sales by sales rep, the company was better able to incentivize their sales force.
  • A manufacturer who assembled several products in different versions. Our QuickBooks solution let them to see their profit and loss by product line, by product version, and by customer type. This allowed them to drop unprofitable lines and concentrate on their most profitable lines of business.