Why Choose Pulse BPM as Your Management Consultant?

Accounting services and business advisory support in the South Bay.  Based in Santa Clara, CA.At Pulse BPM, Inc. we go far beyond what your current business advisor does. Let’s face it, your accountant and QuickBooks advisor aren’t helping you manage and grow your business. Let’s look at what they really do.

Your CPA. Very few CPAs will clean up your books at the transaction level, and your business suffers for this lack of service. They will, however, generally make sure that your quarterly or year-end financial statements fairly represent your business’s financial position and activity, so they can prepare your tax returns, or so you can

present the financials to your investors or lending institutions. But this kind of service doesn’t help you manage and grow your business. It doesn’t help you make day-to-day business decisions that are crucial to your success or failure. It doesn’t help you gain control over your business operations. In this highly competitive, fast-changing, global business environment, your business can no longer afford such minimal services.

Your QuickBooks Advisor. Most dedicated QuickBooks professionals will help you clean up your books at the transaction level, so you can get better management reports. But invariably that’s where their services end. A few will help you integrate QuickBooks into dedicated third-party software, such as a payroll or inventory control programs, and that’s quite useful. But that only cleans up one or two business processes. You’re still left feeling overwhelmed by all your other business systems that don’t work together, that don’t even communicate with each other. They’re just a bunch of disparate and isolated information silos. And unfortunately, you’re not able to efficiently access that information to help you run your business.

While you need the services offered by your CPA and your QuickBooks Advisor, you need a company that can provide a lot more services than they are able or willing to deliver. You’re just not getting what you need from your CPA or your QuickBooks advisor. And that’s not unusual. In fact,

that’s by far the norm. It’s extremely rare for either of these business advisors to help you take control over your business operations, so you can have a smoother running,continuously improving, profitable business that’s focused on the right things. They can’t help you run your business, improve it, or grow it. But we can and we do.

A Complete Systems Approach to Running Your Business
At Pulse BPM, Inc. we help you manage your business by managing business systems. With our help, you become systems-centric, not people dependent. So you can breathe easier knowing you’re finally on top of your business. On a daily basis, you’re accessing all the information you need in order to make timely business decisions with confidence. And you can rest assured that your business isn’t going to fall apart just because one long-term, highly trained employee decides to take a vacation…or walks out the door.

In short, we help you create, document, and manage your business systems and processes—beginning with your business financial management systems—so you can track, measure and continuously improve your business, by focusing on the right things. So you can be more efficient, more effective and more profitable…with less stress.

With our help, you can seize control of your business and really run it, rather than your business running you. With our help, you can have more time for strategic planning, for creative thinking, for client relations…or just more time for yourself.